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  • $250.00

    A personal mentorship with a medical professional who can guide you through the process. Someone who can help you avoid pitfalls and the traps that you may encounter. Includes: Weekly phone calls to monthly check-ups based on your preference. Advice on tracks to pursue, contacts to be made and courses that should be pursued for CV building.

  • $300.00

    Recommended to be purchased at the start of clinical rotation Includes: Personal statement creation

  • $400.00

    Needing help on the three biggest exams of your career only means your human. We offer the following: • Survival guide compiled by our specialists • Kaplan and others give you resources – we will help you build a blueprint and timeline for you to utilize these resources • Tutoring – additional time may be purchased as demands increase • Advice during the preparation process • Mock patient exams via videochat with extensive feedback for step 2 CS

  • $1500.00

    A personal mentor is present with you from day one, guiding you through the journey. Advice, tutoring, tips, building your application and utilizing their network to help you develop your career.

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